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Vehicle Financing at Palladino Lending Solutions

Palladino Mazda is proud to be a part of the Palladino Auto Group family, Ontario’s premier dealership group since founder Vip Palladino opened his first dealership almost 50 years ago! While the Group has grown substantially, including Palladino Mazda, we want to take a look at the vehicle financing specialists at Palladino Lending Solutions.

Vehicle Finance Solutions for Ontario

The team at Palladino Lending Solutions is aware that credit trouble can happen to anyone, regardless of their perceived financial security. That’s why they’ve got Solutions in their name—they’re not concerned about how you got there, they just want to help get you out of your current credit condition. That means offering personalized advice and tips on improving your credit, helping you find a vehicle from the Palladino Auto Group inventory (all 11 dealerships!), finding the best finance rates that work for your budget, as well as providing ways to help you take advantage of your improving credit score—like their Return To Prime program!

Return To Prime

The Return To Prime program at Palladino Lending Solutions is set up as a way to reward you for your work in fixing your credit situation. While most dealerships and lenders offer to approve you no matter your credit history, they tend to leave out the part about the incredibly high interest rates you’ll get saddled with if you have subprime credit. Now, the team at Palladino will work their hardest to find you the lowest interest rate possible, but the reality is you may still be faced with a higher interest rate than someone with prime or super prime credit. However, thanks to Return To Prime, we’ll reward you for making your monthly payments on time by renegotiating your finance rate year-over-year (as long as you make those payments on time). This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your improving credit score while paying less interest on your vehicle year-over-year—a win-win scenario in our books!

Referral Program

Another way Palladino Lending Solutions works to help your financial situation is through our vehicle purchase referral program, which can literally put cash in your hands! It’s incredibly simple too, just refer friends, family, coworkers, the barista at your local coffee shop—literally anyone looking for a new vehicle—to Palladino Lending Solutions, and if they purchase a vehicle we’ll pay you for the referral. You can make up to $500 cash per referral, which will no doubt help you put a dent in your own monthly vehicle payments. Perhaps the best part is you can refer your friends with confidence, as if you’ve worked with them you will already know the high standards set by Guy and the rest of the team at Palladino Lending Solutions. So if you’re looking to pad your pockets a bit, while helping your friends score a great deal or improve their own credit, contact a member of the Palladino team for more information on how the referral program works!

Transparent Information about Vehicle Financing

There tends to be a lot of misinformation, or cryptic information, floating around in regards to vehicle financing. This, in conjunction with the stigma sometimes attached to having poor credit, makes navigating vehicle loans a tough and lonely proposition. However, the team at Palladino Lending Solutions truly believes that this need not be the case. That’s why their website, FAQ page, and blog is regularly updated with all sorts of information related to vehicle financing, from breaking down finance-related terms to what the financing process looks like and what you can expect. They believe that transparent information about vehicle financing will help you get back on track to rebuilding your credit and living your life comfortably, all while enjoying the freedom that a new vehicle brings. So if you have questions you’re maybe a bit embarrassed to ask, simply check out Palladino Lending Solutions for that information—or give them a call. They’re not in the business of financing to judge, they’re here to provide solutions.

So whether you’re looking for a sporty new Mazda from Palladino Mazda or a vehicle from one of the Palladino Auto Group’s 10 other dealerships, but you’re not sure your credit will allow it, contact the team at Palladino Lending Solutions. They’ll walk you through the entire process to ensure you feel comfortable with your new vehicle and the costs associated with it. Just click the link below to learn more, or simply to apply for financing today, and get back on the road to great credit with Ontario’s Palladino Lending Solution!